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Rebirth begins with the screenwriter of Mangai

Rebirth begins with the screenwriter of Mangai

Rebirth begins with the screenwriter of Mangai

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    Rebirth begins with the screenwriter of Mangai
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    Canela books
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2022-08-05 07:02:07
April is your lie, Nana, long wings, unheard of flower names, angel's heartbeat he is the devil who has made thousands of fans' tears death note, gambling memoir, fraud game, destiny stone gate, another he is a master of brain drama long Ying, GTO spicy teacher, Naoki Banze he occasionally makes some inspirational chicken blood dramas to recharge his fans ronin swordsman, love letter, Hayao Miyazaki gift bag, hot blooded University he occasionally wrote movie scripts and set off an upsurge Jing Yu, who was reborn into the new world, thought he could start his life like the protagonist of the novel but he doesn't watch variety shows and follow stars. He finds that he doesn't know anything about other entertainment works except Japanese dramas most of the known works are original animation works, although the animation industry in the world is not very developed however, as a screenwriter, directly transforming these works into TV dramas in one step should also be popular< br>.........

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