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Lord, hard work

Lord, hard work

Lord, hard work

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    Lord, hard work
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    Daydream tour home
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    Canela books
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2022-08-03 12:30:31
"Lord, the drought has lasted for too long, the grain reserves are exhausted, and the leading people will starve to death!" "don't worry. I'll build more farms and feed the animals in the farms." "Lord, the development of the territory is stagnant. The Presbyterian council rejected your request for promotion and expansion!" "if it's a small matter, I'll apply for a development license and explore a better territory myself." "Lord, the enemy is too strong for the territory guard to carry!" "just as I just loaded the mysterious age mod, it's time for them to see the horror of magic." "Lord, the territory is developing steadily. The leaders say that life is very happy!" "nonsense, when I load the industrial age mod, let them see what is the real happy life." "Lord... You are really working too hard!" "where, no hard work! No hard work!"

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