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Crying Han

Crying Han

Crying Han

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    Crying Han
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    Thousand paper que Xi
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    Cook Books
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2022-07-04 19:29:05
In the spring of the second year of Guanghe (179), another epidemic occurred. In March, Jingzhao earthquake< Br> in the autumn of the third year of Guanghe (180), Jiuquan earthquake< Br> in June of the fourth year of Guanghe (181), in the hot summer, the hail was "as big as a chicken"< Br> in February of the fifth year of Guanghe (182), the great epidemic. April, drought< Br> in the summer of the sixth year of Guanghe (183), there was a severe drought. In autumn, Jincheng river overflows and Wuyuan mountain bank collapses. In winter, the ice in Donghai, Donglai and Langya wells is more than feet thick< Br> natural disasters are frequent, the country's rulers are incompetent, the state affairs are in the air, and the rivers are declining day by day. the history of the Great Han Dynasty seems to have come to an end. in such a terrible era full of fraud and killing, Xia Yang crosses over to a bastard of Langya Zhuge family, and he will take the survival of Zhuge family as his own life, and find a ray of benevolent governance in this dark troubled world.

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