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I really want to testify

I really want to testify

I really want to testify

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    I really want to testify
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    Coconut paper
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2022-07-04 23:41:28
The battle of ancient times was defeated, and even heaven and earth were broken, and the order fell apart. The new order was complicated and confusing. Practitioners also embarked on a new path of practice, competing with heaven for life and earth for spirit< Br> how desperate is it that the great emperor wrote a "death certificate" to the world, sealed the land forever, left countless backhands, and never told hundreds of millions of creatures of this despair. May the creatures of the world celebrate in the last rest of their lives< Br> I thought that today is a prosperous time. Of course, all creatures think so< Br> the elders of the Yan Family and the Bai family are discussing the marriage of two younger generations. Zhiyang body, Yan Nan, and Zhiyin body, Bai Ge, born for the sake of Tao, are they lucky or unlucky to be born at the same time< Br>... Qi refining realm, Qi refining and exhaling, looking for the original Qi in the body, the Qi of asceticism, or the overwhelming Qi, which way can lead to the supremacy< Br>... decay locks the world. There is nothing that can survive forever, and the spirit will perish. Cultivating the Tao and the mind will also decay, but whether it is the road or the mind, what is the significance of cultivation< Br>... God, where is God? The God reflected by Sansheng stone can no longer be found< Br>... past life, this life, next life. Why is there no afterlife? Yes! There is no afterlife in this world< br>……

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