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The little clergyman is sheltering the supernatural

The little clergyman is sheltering the supernatural

The little clergyman is sheltering the supernatural

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    The little clergyman is sheltering the supernatural
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    New style of language learning
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    Canela books
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2022-07-13 17:45:55
· you are believed to be the voter of the God of time and knowledge: Although you call the abnormality of the time flow around you as [turn system] and [sleep to recover blood], you call the knowledge that emerges out of thin air after killing the enemy [experience value]< Br> · your absolute defense and power to break thousands of methods are dragon slaying skills, because it is only effective for two kinds of rare creatures - Almighty gods and gods' voters< Br> · Oh, you are God's chosen one< Br> · in a weird world, clerical divination should be used in more appropriate occasions than religious affairs - for example, investigating and accepting anomalies< Br> · when you come to the game world, the archives of the past are the famous people in history< Br> · in this world, good and evil are objective. The universe is divided into [Jiugongge camp] according to human behavior - "but when the moral concept of the will of the universe is too old to adapt to the development of the times, we should accept it."< Br> small towns that cannot get out define your breathing as "illegal"; The train wants to eat you; The character in the novel asks you to release her; At night, the residents of Shacheng are no longer living; The stars wink at you (literally); All monarchs in history are the same; A zombie bitten by a living person will also become a living person ·· · -- -- -- "human beings live on a quiet island called ignorance in the center of the endless black sea · " and because of this, we just need to sail farther and explore deeper! "< Br> (micro abnormal reception / strange talk / gram series elements. The protagonist, the good God and the priest, are sanguanzheng. The original rules of the pseudo DND, and the author's scribbled words) (the introduction didn't think well, it should be the most blatant pseudo DND novel this year)

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