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Virtual end

Virtual end

Virtual end

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    Virtual end
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    Get drunk in green clothes
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-19 02:42:16
As a game tester and hard-working worker, Chen Sheh's dream is to become the president of a company. The employees admire and support it. He can make his favorite games at will. By the way, he has handsome appearance, eight abdominal muscles and high artistic talent and he found that these goals had been achieved after he crossed "my life has no more challenges?" Chen Shu thinks that his life has become boring and boring after he has got the script of wenzhuangong employees: No, you have to be the enemy of the world, overthrow all the big chaebols by force and become the Savior a question mark floated on Chen she's head: huh? I don't want to all the employees took off their work clothes and exposed the rebel combat clothes and mechanical prosthetics: don't worry, we'll help you, Captain!

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